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Kitesurf weather: Frontal winds and thunderstorms – including expert tips

Improving one’s own skills is a goal that every kitesurfer is aiming for. With increasing skills people automatically take more risks. For lots of kiters that also means to go out when it’s massively pumping. Kitesurfing in strong winds is one thing – but when it comes to unpredictable, unstable frontal winds and thunderstorms it’s an entirely different matter which unfortunately is too often underestimated … and due to this frequently ends in serious accidents. Read about how to deal with those weather conditions and get some helpful tips from Servus TV weather expert Sebastian Weber. Continue reading Kitesurf weather: Frontal winds and thunderstorms – including expert tips


GARDA WIND GARDA – Event Preview at Lake Garda

All kinds of  windsport in one event

Last weekend Heli and I went to Lake Garda, where we spent some days in Riva del Garda. The reason was an exclusive event preview for “Garda Wind Garda – Your wind experience.” The organisers of Barcolana invited media representatives and partners to take part in this preview. No question: I was mightily proud that I had received an invitation!
To describe the event in a few words: It’s an action-packed mix of different sports around wind and air, from kite- and windsurfing through sailing to paragliding.

Continue reading GARDA WIND GARDA – Event Preview at Lake Garda


Rider4Rider: A very different wakestyle contest

From riders for riders

Aloha, here’s a short photo teaser of the Rider4Rider contest which took place from 5th to 8th of May in Breitenbrunn/Neusiedlersee at the Westcoastkiters. The complete post review including all results will be edited in the next issues of the german Kiteboarding-Magazine and the international  Kiteworld Magazine (yes, I am super proud to write for those mags ;)). What I can already tell you about the contest is: amazing riders, cool atmosphere, proper organization!

Here some pics from what happened in the wakestyle park (Copyright: Helmut Fuchs – Flickr: helmutfuchs_kitejoy) – with pro riders like Alvaro Onieva, Sandro Haubenwallner, Julia Castro, Malin Amle and more.