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Kitesurf pics Neusiedlersee/Podersdorf, 22. – 24. 4. 2017

Location: Karnerbucht/Podersdorf am See

Date: 22. – 24. 4. 2017

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Rider4Rider: A very different wakestyle contest

From riders for riders

Aloha, here’s a short photo teaser of the Rider4Rider contest which took place from 5th to 8th of May in Breitenbrunn/Neusiedlersee at the Westcoastkiters. The complete post review including all results will be edited in the next issues of the german Kiteboarding-Magazine and the international  Kiteworld Magazine (yes, I am super proud to write for those mags ;)). What I can already tell you about the contest is: amazing riders, cool atmosphere, proper organization!

Here some pics from what happened in the wakestyle park (Copyright: Helmut Fuchs – Flickr: helmutfuchs_kitejoy) – with pro riders like Alvaro Onieva, Sandro Haubenwallner, Julia Castro, Malin Amle and more.