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Women and kitesurfing: A motivational guide

A lot of girls and women are reluctant to start kitesurfing – mainly cause there are still too many prejudices about this sport: You need a lot of physical strength, you need to be very athletic … The fact is: Those who don’t try it will miss a lot of fun! So it’s time to clear up with some myths and prejudices. This little motivation guide is for all girls and women who ask themselves: Should I try kitesurfing or better let it be? The answer is simple: TRY! 

I picked up some tips from someone who really ought to know: Theresa “Resl” Gaismayer has been working as a kite instructor for some years now and she collected a lot of training experience with women. So what’s the plan now? Read this, book a kite course/a camp, and get started!
P. S.: Resl will organize a kitecamp with the Seven Seas Riders in January 2018 which will take place in Sri Lanka. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect start into a kite carreer? You’ll find all the infos concerning the camp in the end of this article.

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Article series: Annoying kitesurf characters Vol. 3 – the ignoramus

It’s time for Vol. 3 of the “annoying kitesurf characters”! After dealing with killjoys and self declared equipment experts now this article is about a type that’s very widespread on kitebeaches … and probably it’s also the most unsocial character so far. I’d like to call this type the ignoramus. Why? Find the answers in the following.

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Restube review: Inflatable safety backup for kitesurfers

Article contains advertising

There are things we can be happy about when we don’t need them … anyway it’s good that they exist in case of emergency! Like for us watersports addicts this could be a self-inflating backup that might safe your life through offering buyoancy to keep yourself above the water surface – whilst it’s compact and lightweight in it’s inactive state and, super important, never gets in your way when you’re riding.
Restube produces such safety floats and provided me the sports version which I tested for this article.

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Women and kitesurfing: Why did you start?

If you talk to other kitesurfers about women who kite, the rumour persists that most of them started to kitesurf mainly cause their boyfriend or husband does. What else? Hm …
I did a poll that shows if it’s the truth or just a myth. Also I asked some female riders to tell me all about their very own kite beginnings.

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Why Yoga will enhance your kitesurf performance

Kiting is a sport that makes a lot of demands on your body and mind. Whilst you are on the water, you should be concentrated, and your movements need a high level of coordination, especially if you train new tricks. No question that it makes sense to be physically fit, to train your muscles for kitesurfing – on the one hand to have more power for certain moves, on the other hand to reduce the risk for injuries.
But what about the mental part? Yoga might be the key to prepare both body and mind for awesome kitesessions! Learn more interesting facts about this ancient but popular method with its amazing impacts on your kitesurf performance as well as on your overall life.

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How to get great kitepictures: Easy tricks to go

For most kitesurfers the moment they get their first kitepicture is a very special one. Even if (like it was in my case) it’s a blurry shot on which you are just the size of an ant, you are proud like hell – and of course you want to post it on facebook, insta etc. immediately!

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FAQ about kitesurfing VOL. 5: It’s all about boards (and boots).

Wanted: Kiteboard!

A little guide to find the right board – and the decision for straps or boots.

After harness, kite & bar, the kite etiquette and tips how to find the right equipment the last article of the FAQ series is about kiteboards.  As all other kind of equipment also the board is always a hotly debated topic with thousands of different opinions – not only about the size of the board but also concerning the question “Boots or straps?” as well as “Should I leave the grab handle on the board or not?” The content of this article is a combination of a) a lot of research work and b) experience of friends, a lot of kitesurfers I know and my humble self.

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Can we escape the surf lifestyle?

… and do we want this at all?

Today I’m in a philosophical mood … for a good reason: For nearly two weeks now I’ve been at the Surfworldcup in Podersdorf – now I am back home again, but the atmosphere of these days is still accompanying me. And I don’t wanna let her go! I want to beam me back and experience  all the good vibes once more. Lots of those who have been at the event in the past years will know that the SWC is not a true surfers event anymore. The biggest part of the visitors consists of totallysurfuninterested partypeople. Nothing against party – but those who are interested in experiencing the spirit of this surfevent, have to pick out special things and surround themselves with people who share the same views and lifestyles. And there are many of them. (Here you can find a post-reporting of the first SWC-weekend.)

003SWC 1_weekend160502IMG_2186

On the same wavelength

Lifestyle. Euphoric kite(orwhateversurf)-addicts know what I am talking about: Our passion is connected to a special kind of lifestyle. Even though e. g. kitesurfing is not the supreme discipline of surfing, most people who like to ride boards find themselves in a community of guys who tick similarly – so to say they are on the same wavelength. The classical enmities – like between kitesurfers and windsurfers or Oldschool- and Newschool riders – have nothing to do with that. Maybe they speak a little different language, but it’s more similar than one would believe.

It’s an attitude to life

I don’t want to claim here that everybody who has made his first meters on a board automatically falls in love with the surf lifestyle and stay in this condition forever and ever. In rare cases the passion may not arouse at all – wether one does not like being in the water or is influenced by other external factors. But in my experience this doesn’t occur frequently.


The moment when one gets finally hooked to a surf sport could be described as follows: “Surfer, your real life starts now.” Concerning this topic everyone who gets on a board should have seen the movie “Point Break” with brilliant Patrick Swayze ( †) as surf god Bodhi. I could watch it every month 😉

As I already described in my article “How kitesurfing changed my life” after the first sense of achievement in surfing usually everything gets turned upside down. One gets hooked, becomes quickly addicted to the new feeling and wants to have it as intensive and often as possible. One gets a seeker – wether searching for the perfect wave or the perfect wind. In addition to totally new travel destinations a lot of other things may change – up from a job, a hairstyle, outfits, music taste, furniture, place to live, car up to the whole life planning. Some even leave or change their partners due to their new passion.


After experiencing the surf lifestyle for a certain time, finding an exit is very hard or even impossible. Why? Cause you feel very comfortable with it, altough very often misunderstood. Life on a board is always in your mind. Due to this you may see lots of things from a different perspective than in former times. Or you can’t even stand them anymore – like vacations in a 5-star-bunker at a destination without water and wind, shoppingcenter-marathons on weekends. Or people who want to advise against traveling in a bus and instead recommend you to get a well-behaved hairstyle, a proper settled life and, anyhow, come to your senses again. But this is not everybodys experience – sometimes nothing happens at all (I would be wondering about that).  

For me the question is – what’s is the essence of this lifestyle?  Bleached, messy hair, tanned skin, neverending thirst for adventure and the love for hammocks and the ocean? The feeling of freedom, zero gravity, adrenaline rush, the oneness with elements, breaking limits or just simple things like surf gear or surf music … ?

There is so much what could be a part of it.  Therefore what interests me is: What does surf lifestyle for you personally consist of? In which way your lifestyle has changed due to kitesurfing/surfing/board sports? 

I am curious to hear your experience! Aloha, Anja


Surf Worldcup Podersdorf 2016: The Kite Weekend

Impressions of the first weekend of SWC 2016 in Podersdorf/Austria

Hey guys, since last week there is a lot going on at the Neusiedlersee (Lake Neusiedl). The reason is the Surf Worldcup, which has been carried out annually since 1998 there. Since then every year it got more crowded and in the meantime it has developed to a huge event – on the first weekend alone 45.000 people came to Podersdorf.

On the way to SWC Podersdorf – the last one there …

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FAQ about kitesurfing VOL. 1: Seat or waist harness?

What’s better for me?

Especially in the beginning of a kitesurf career the whole equipment thing can be quite confusing. There are a lot of decisions to make: Which harness, which kite should I choose? Is it absolutely necessary for a beginner to take a big board? What about second-hand equipment – is it a good idea to search for used material or should I buy everything new? And so on and so forth. One problem is: Everybody tells you something different. One of your kite friends swears by only one brand, another one tells you to never buy one piece of this brand cause it’s bad stuff. In online kite forums where you hang around in hope of inspiration you find thousands of different opinions (and everyone knows it better than the others) – which is even more confusing.

(c) Helmut Fuchs
Seat or waist harness? An essential question for kitesurf beginners. (c) H. Fuchs

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