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Kitesurfing and relationship Vol. 2.1: What if …

After I got so much feedback on my previous article about “kitesurfing and relationship” I decided to focus more attention to this issue. So I will pick out specific situations and problems which kite couples may experience from time to time. And, of course, I will try to offer tips and ideas how best to deal with such situations.

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Kitesurfing and relationship

Shall I start kitesurfing just for his (her) sake?


Well, shall I? This is a question which for sure is going around in a lots of girls heads whose boyfriend or husband is a passionate kitesurfer. Some years ago I was one of them. For this reason I want to bring of this subject here: I can’t philosophize about this only theoretically – I myself have already experienced it including all the associated thoughts, feelings and doubts.
As I spend a lot of time with other kiters I know that “kitesurfing and relationship” is very often a sensitive topic. Some even say that kitesurfing is a relationship-killer. Continue reading Kitesurfing and relationship