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Inspiring women in kitesurfing: Nathalie Lambrecht

With this article I want to start kind of a new series about inspiring women in kitesurfing. It will not be a series only about the super well known pros – cause I think that they are not the only ones who act as role models for women in kitesurfing! So I’d like to have a mix of women all over the world who I think are spreading inspiration with what they are doing.

For this first article I talked to Nathalie Lambrecht who started to kite at young age, has been Swedish champion 2017 and really knows how to shred hard! A knee injury some months ago forced her to make a break from kitesurfing which she used to concentrate on other projects like a girls kite event in Sweden and her (super motivating!) Vlog. In this interview she’ll not only tell us what it’s all about but also reveals how to deal with recovery after an accident like hers.

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More fun on the water: How to pimp your kitesessions

What’s the main reason we are addicted to kitesurfing? To speak in behalf of most kiters, the answer is very simple: Because it’s fun! But nearly everyone who spent some time kiting already may have experienced days on the water that have been … let’s call it modest. Wether you see no progress anymore, you are totally stuck with a trick which makes you angry, you can’t cope with the conditions or you even get bored of kitesurfing … sometimes it’s like that.

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