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Kitesurf weather: Frontal winds and thunderstorms – including expert tips

Improving one’s own skills is a goal that every kitesurfer is aiming for. With increasing skills people automatically take more risks. For lots of kiters that also means to go out when it’s massively pumping. Kitesurfing in strong winds is one thing – but when it comes to unpredictable, unstable frontal winds and thunderstorms it’s an entirely different matter which unfortunately is too often underestimated … and due to this frequently ends in serious accidents. Read about how to deal with those weather conditions and get some helpful tips from Servus TV weather expert Sebastian Weber. Continue reading Kitesurf weather: Frontal winds and thunderstorms – including expert tips


Kitesurfing: How fear turns into (healthy) respect

Nowadays kitesurfing is declared as fun sport. So as the definition says, it’s fun. I totally agree. Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t do it! However some underestimate that kitesurfing under certain conditions is still what it was in its early years: an extreme sport.  And extreme sport is dangerous. Or can be dangerous, depending on how one looks at it.

Crashing is part of the kitesurfing game. We have to go through that. (c) Helmut Fuchs/kitejoy

Though modern safety systems are incomparable to those in the initial years of kitesurfing (depower was non-existent or very low, and Quick release was also not really developed) unfortunately there are still tragic accidents. It happens that kitesurfers get badly injured or even die. Of course such incidents are frightening and can lead to doubts – on the one hand one absolutely wants to try kitesurfing, on the other hand he’s afraid.

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