Surf Worldcup Podersdorf 2016: The Kite Weekend

Impressions of the first weekend of SWC 2016 in Podersdorf/Austria

Hey guys, since last week there is a lot going on at the Neusiedlersee (Lake Neusiedl). The reason is the Surf Worldcup, which has been carried out annually since 1998 there. Since then every year it got more crowded and in the meantime it has developed to a huge event – on the first weekend alone 45.000 people came to Podersdorf.

On the way to SWC Podersdorf – the last one there …

The SWC which takes place for two weekends could be summarized as follows: Summeropening & heavy partying & surf events. Whereby in the past years it slightly developed from a surf event to a hardcore party event: During the day on the beach and in the evening in the marquees at the huge party area. Unfortunately the surf spirit got more and more lost for different reasons – especially

Sunsets at the lake … always stunning.

compared to the very first Surf Worldcups (but I can just retell that cause at that time I wasn’t there). The times when the keenest wind addicts built fortresses out of their surfbusses there and have true surf parties, are history. What means: A big part of the SWC visitors do not come due to the surf competitions – they just come for partying. Ok, ok … also in the past people guzzled there and had fun and parties. But now it seems as if visitors would think: Yes, this may be a surf thing, which is quite cool somehow – but I wouldn’t care at all if it was only a huge party for some days (like Springbreak). The surf competitions are just side events …

If you wanna make party at Surf Worldcup Podersdorf, you will find possibilities the whole day long 😉

I could philosophize about this forever, but it wouldn’t make sense. On the one hand the “in former days everything was better”-mentality doesn’t take anyone further. On the other hand, if you know where to go at SWC in the evening, it helps a lot to get more of this surfspirit and escape the worst. All in all the Surf Worldcup is a great and well organized event I was looking forward to every year. It’s also like starting into summer with this days. Unfortunately this year was the last SWC there, cause the event organizer and the community Podersdorf could not agree. Next year the event will take place in Neusiedl am See – I am very curious how this will be organized.

Surf Worldcup Podersdorf: Lots of meetings, but no kite contest

SWC 2016: At the riders meeting for the kite team contest.

Unfortunately the kite team contest planned for the first weekend could not take place, because the wind decided not to come (maybe an act of defiance ;)). There were a lot of skippers meetings and decisions to start later, in the hope that there would be wind. On saturday they had south wind, but not enough). On sunday in the afternoon there was a little bit of east wind but it was a) not strong enough and b) this direction is offshore in Podersdorf which made it nearly impossible to launch a kite. Too bad, especially for the riders – it would have been very special for them to compete at this last SWC in Podersdorf. But what can you do against the weather?
The kite teams consisted each of one pro rider, one female rider and one celeb. For example, the Austrian pros  Mike Schitzhofer, Stefan Spiessberger and Bibiana Magaji were part of the teams as well as celebrity-winemaker Leo Hillinger. Here you find some impressions  from the first weekend and the rider presentation:

Rider4Rider: It’s going to be huge!

Next weekend not only a lot of parties but also the PWA Surf Worldcup will happen in Podersdorf. The kite community will meet on the opposite site of the lake in Breitenbrunn, where the Rider4Rider Contest will take place at the Westcoastkiters.  It’s a wakestyle contest with a lot of national and international pro riders and it’s gonna be so cool! I’m so curious and happy to be there watching the event, taking photos and collecting information (cause I will write an article about the R4R for the next issue of Kiteboarding magazine).  Wohoo! I promise you will also read about it here in the next days.

Aloha, Anja


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