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Surf Games Podersdorf 2018 – pictures and results

It was the second time this year that the Surf Games took place in Podersdorf at the Neusiedlersee from 5th to 6th of May. And it was a blast – the wind was blowing on both days from the morning until the evening so that all the competitions could have been done, the sun was shining, the temperatures were summerly … just perfect. Let it be said: We can be truly happy to have such great surf events here in Austria!

One thing that makes the Surf Games so special is that this event doesn’t focus only on a single surf discipline – it consists of different contests in kitesurfing and windsurfing, offers show contests like freestyle shows, an Airtime-Fun-Contest and Longdistance Races in which everyone can take part. And also if you don’t compete but want to go kitesurfing or windsurfing on your own the Surf Games are a good opportunity for you as the big brands are on site and offer their latest gear for testing.

No wonder that the beach on those two days was nearly as full with people as on the water! A perfect proof that the austrian surf scene loves and needs such events! (So we’re already looking forward to what the Surf Games 2019 will bring!)

Here’s some impressions of the Surf Games 2018 (find the results of the comps below):

All pics (c) by Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy

Surf Games Podersdorf 2018
Results of the contests


Kitesurf Freestyle/Parkstyle Men
1. Posito Martinez
2. Michael Schitzhofer
3. Oliver Panny

Kitesurf Freestyle/Parkstyle Women
1. Bibiana Magaji
2. Julia Flath / Susanne Binder
3. Jasmin Wukitsevits

Kitesurf Freestyle/Parkstyle Men/Masters
1. Martin Bretschneider
2. Beni Mooslechner
3. Michael Hollmann

Kitesurf Freestyle Strapless Men
1. Stefan Scheitl
2. Andreas Karner
3. Johannes Kuenburg

Kitesurf Freestyle Strapless Women
1. Birgit Brosch

Longdistance Race Kitesurf Foil Men
1. Florian Gruber
2. Benjamin Geislinger
3. Adrian Geislinger

Longdistance Race Kitesurf Twintip Men
1. Michael Hoffmann
2. Jürgen Groß
3. Clemens Siraki

Longdistance Kitesurf Raceboard Men
Franz Reisinger & Christoph Müller

Longdistance Race Kitesurf Twintip Women
1. Bibiane Magaji
2. Ike Hodits
3. Elisa Parma

Longdistance Race Girls
Felic Sevecily & Rebecca Kalman

Windsurf Freestyle Men
1. Max Brinnich
2. Matthias Kraschitzer
3. Christian Sommer

Windsurf Freestyle Men Masters
1. Gernot Zechner
2. Florian Ragossnig
3. Christoph Pressler

Windsurf Freestyle Men Best Trick
1. Matthias Kraschitzer
2. Max Brinnich
3. Florian Lerchbacher

Windsurf Freestyle Women
1. Hanna Poschinger
2. Iris Zechner
3. Sophie Lindmayer

Windsurf Freestyle Women Best Trick
1. Hanna Poschinger
2. Iris Rechner
3. Sophie Lindmayer

Windsurf Slalom
1. Marco Lang
2. Markus Pöltenstein
3. Matthias Höller

Longdistance Race Windsurf Men
1. Marco Lang
2. Matthias Höller
3. Thomas Böhm

Longdistance Race Windsurf Women
1. Kerstin Reiger

Find more information about the Surf Games Podersdorf here:


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