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Find the best kitespots and connect with other kitesurfers

Most of us know the problem: If you want to discover or find new kitespots, it can take a lot of time till you have all the information you have been looking for. Especially when you’re dealing with non-popular, non-crowded places.
Sometimes you rummage through heaps of forums and pages – with the result that you’re more confused than before. Some say that one spot os “totally crowded, but with butterflat water”, by others the same spot gets labeled as “deserted, but wavy”. Especially if you want to spontaneous switch to another spot, then you want to have all the information about it without surfing hours for ours through the web.

Put your boots on or not? Is this spot worth to try it out or you should better choose the other one cause it’s far better? The new app Spotflow should easily give answers to these questions.


Until you have all the information – how is the wind at the moment, is it actually allowed to go kiting there and so on – a lot of time passes by. And also, how should you find out what’s currently going on there? Is it worth to visit the spot, is it crowded, is the wind stable or does it really rain as much as the forecast shows?

Gefa Berst lives in Germany and together with her boyfriend she spends a lot of time kitesurfing in the Netherlands. As both of them
14011990_10208211868427394_766705747_n.pngvery well know the issue of spot searching, they decided to find a way to make it easier.
Their solution is called Spotflow – a  social kite app, which was the idea of Gefas boyfriend. The development work is currently running at full speed and the new app should be available (for free) from September in the App Store and Play Store. With Spotflow you don’t need to collect all the information about kitespots from different sources – the app helps to save time and to quickly get the overview you need.

Spotflow features in detail:

  • Finding new kitespots should be very easy with Spotflow (including information like shallow water area, parking space, camping, wavy or flat, beginner friendly etc.)
  • Via Spotflow you can connect with other kitesurfers (there’s a chat, you get insider know-how, you can upload and watch videos and pics from spots)
  • With the app you can find stores and shops in the surroundings and contact them directly (it also shows detailed information like opening hours)
  • It also shows the wind forecast for all spots
  • Furthermore Spotflow comes with three secret highlight features (the team says they have never been there before ;))
The Spotflow team: Gefa (marketing), Lukas (founder) and Max (Co & kite designer)

Gefa, Lukas and Max are happy about any type of support, feedback and ideas for the app (

If you register for the newsletter now you will be one of the first kiters who can test the app:

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