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Review: Kitespot Dakhla, Morocco

{Sponsored Post}* As I’ve always heard about Dakhla and its great kitesurfing conditions it has been on my personal bucket list for a long time. And finally I made it there. Let’s be honest: If you haven’t been in Dakhla, you missed something really special! Wether you love it flat or wavy – Dakhla has it all. You need some reasons why you should travel there and explore Morocco’s famous huge kitesurf lagoon and amazing wave spots? Find them in the following.

My strong desire to come back as soon as possible started growing immediately when we left Dakhla Attitude, the resort were we’ve been staying during the Twintip Racing qualifiers for the Youth Olympic Games. Built from 2005 to 2007 it  has been the first hotel resort at the peninsula around the lagoon. Read more about it’s exciting history and eco-friendly philosophy after the facts about wind and weather in Dakhla.

Kitespot Dakhla Kitejoy
Checking wind and weather at the lagoon with this view everyday – paradise for all wind addicts! (c) Helmut Fuchs/kitejoy

Kitespot Dakhla
The conditions

It’s no secret that Dakhla is known as kind of a wind paradise as it delivers around 330 windy (kiteable) days a year … The lagoon which is formed by a peninsula (where the hotels and camps are located) is huge – more than 40 kilometers long and four kilometers wide (at the wides points it stretches over 17 km!).

Due to Dakhla’s geographic location trade winds are passing the area nearly the whole year long.  So the usual wind direction is north(-east) – very rarely unusual weather conditions may cause south wind, which is also good for kiting when it’s strong enough (we had this conditions and they were really good and also strong).

Kitespot Dakhla South Wind Kitejoy
We had great fun, also with south wind! (c) Kitejoy

But the daily business is north-east wind which blows from morning to night and gets more constant during the day. If you want really strong conditions you should come in summer, or better said, from May till October. During these months the north-east trade winds are boosted by the thermal, and 7 bft are the order of the day. July and August are usually the strongest months. The best time for waves is from October till March.

Temperatures are around 25 degrees in summer (18 during the night) and at least five degrees less during wintertime – depending on current weather situations. Anyway, take a long sleeved hoodie and long trousers for the night with you – and in winter some closed shoes as well (in the desert it gets chilly in the night).
Water temperatures usually don’t drop below 19–20 degrees the whole year long. In winter you’ll need a long wetsuit, during summer a shorty is fairly enough.

Kitespot Dahkla Wetsuit Kitejoy
In the wintertime it’s good to have a long wetsuit in Dakhla, in summer a short one is warm enough. (c) Helmut Fuchs/kitejoy

Kitespot Dakhla
The spots

Wether you are learning or progressing – the lagoon offers great conditions ans spots for every skill level from beginner to freestyle- or wave-pro. As the lagoon is huge there’s enough space for everyone to learn, progress and have fun – with rescue boats in the water in case of a problem.
You can book lessons for all levels at the Rihfly Watersports Center located at Dragon Beach. Also for equipment rentals (you get the latest gear there and they have heaps of it!),  excursions to the wavespots (where often a 4×4 is needed) or downwinders to the White Dune just ask at the watersports center for more information.

Kitespot Dakhla Main Spot Kitejoy
Heaps of space at the main spot. (c) Kitejoy

Lagoon spots

    At the Dragon Beach which is the main beach at Dakhla Attitude the main wind direction is sideshore from the right and onshore if it comes more north-east. The wind is constant and there’s an area of shallow water which makes this spot great for beginners too.
    A little bit more east from the Dragon Camp of Dakhla Attitude you’ll find the world famous Speed Spot – the ultimate paradise for freestylers and flat water addicts! On low tide a mini dune of 40 centimeters creates about two kilometres of perfect butter-flat offshore playground with deep water.
    The most popular (and beautiful) spot of Dakhla’s Lagoon. It’s a huge dune of pure white sand and creates an extra small lagoon inside. It’s a little paradise there. But you need some time (and energy) to explore its beauty, cause a downwinder from the hotel to the lagoon takes about three hours.
    Dragon Island which is facing the Dakhla Attitude Camp is said to be a sacred place. And when you see this island, it’s not hard to believe that! It’s composed of a big sand dune and rocks and got its dragon shape due to the wind. You can kite around the island, go there by boat or even walk there at super low tide. They say that if you go there you should take a shell with you which means that you’ll be back soon. What a luck that I got one!
Kitespot Dakhla Dragon Island Kitejoy
The lagoon at super low tide with Dragon Island in the backdrop. (c) Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy

Wave Spots

    This spot close to Dakhla town offers insane, world-class wave conditions with side to side-off winds and long, glassy rights breaking over the point. It’s one of the stops of the GKA-wave-tour … so you can be sure that this spot is a great wavy playground.
    A beautiful, non-crowded, small wavy bay that’s just 20 minutes from Dakhla Attitude (so it’s the closest wave spot to the hotel).
    A fisherman village that’s located very far south at the peninsula (about 45 km from Dakhla Attitude) at the Atlantic coast. If offers super clean righthanders coming in in periods of eight to ten seconds.
Kitespot Dahkla Westpoint Kitejoy
Westpoint offers great wave conditions and is one of the GKA tour stops. (c) Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy

Kitespot Dakhla
The resort 

  • Dakhla Attitude offers three different camps: The Dragon Camp (which is the standard lodging) consists of 45 bungalows at three ground levels, all with private bathroom and lagoon view. Then there are the VIP bungalows which are bigger and better equipped. The third option is the Windhunter Camp which is located about 500 m far away and also has bigger bungalows with second floors which are well suited for families. Get some more impressions of Dakhla Attitude and the kitesurf conditions at the main spot here:
  • If you want a little more luxury you should check out the all new PK25 boutique hotel bungalows which are located on the opposite side of the lagoon. The water sports center at PK25 has the same setup as Dakhla Attitude. It’s also a good option for families with kids: In the morning children can go by boat or car to the daycare facilities at Dakhla Attitude. Then there’s the possibility to have lunch together or the kids can stay until 6 p. m.  at and then come back to PK25.
  • If you’re into waveriding, you might want to stay at Dakhla Westpoint which is one of the partner hotels of Dakhla Attitude. And yes … this place it’s just freaking awesome. It has been built in 2017, the style is super-beachy-tropical-like and you live directly on the spot, hearing the waves rolling in all day (and night) long. Living the surfer lifestyle as it should be! Click on the gallery to get more impressions of the Westpoint hotel:


Dakhla Attitude offers full board with buffet style (but there’s also the possibility to order à la carte which is then not included in the hotel price). For breakfast they serve fresh homemade bread, muesli, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs and so on. For lunch and dinner you get a lot of vegetables, salads, bread, sauces, seafood, fish and different types of meat – there’s always a combination of international and morrocan cuisine. Water is always free with the meals.

The beach bar directly at the main spot offers great coffee, fresh juices and amazing cocktails which are always served with snacks like nuts and olives. The Pink Flamingo bar next to the restaurant is the place to meet in the evening for chilling or partying (and yes – you can really see flamingos in the lagoon sometimes!).
There are no external bars etc. in direct reach, but to be honest: When you’re in Dakhla and kite the whole day, usually there should be no energy left for bar-hopping, haha!

No wind? 

No problem! You can explore the lagoon by SUP, make an excursion do Dakhla with its local market and souk, visit the oyster farm, discover beautiful beaches, join a 4×4 excursion through the desert or a catamaran sailing tour. Also you can train your kitesurf moves at the cable park directly at Dakhla Attitude. Or you relax in the Hamam, take a massage or enjoy some rehabilitative bodywork at the Body Clinic to get fit for the next windy days.

Kitespot Dakhla No Wind Days Kitejoy
There’s a lot do do even if you have a no-wind-day in Dakhla. (c) Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy

How to get here? 

You can fly from a lot of European airports with Royal Air Maroc with a stopover in Casablanca (about 1,5 hours); from Paris there’s even a direct flight do Dakhla. We experienced everything as well organised and stressless … and, a fact that really impressed me the most: Kitesurf luggage is for free with this airline!
After the airport Dakhla Attitude offers a transfer to the resort. Our trip to Dakhla and back was easy-cheesy from the beginning to the end, no problems with luggage and everything was perfectly organized.

Kitespot Dahkla 
Dakhla Attitude – Interview with
General Manager Dris Senoussi

In the meantime there are already some camps and hotels around Dakhla’s lagoon – but Dakhla Attitude was the first hotel that has settled here. We talked to Driss Senoussi, the General Manager of the resort who told us how it all began.

Kitespot Dakhla Dragon Bungalows Kitejoy
The Dragon Bungalows were the first hotel bungalows at the Dakhla Lagoon. (c) Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy

How did the idea of Dakhla Attitude emerge?

Driss Senoussi: Well, I came here by accident in 2005 with some friends. We had seen kitesurfing on TV and I said “I would love to try that”. One of them knew about Dakhla and he said “You’ll gonna love it”. And he was right! I immediately fell in love with this place. Before I had been traveling all my life – but here I really felt a connection. Although I came from the industry and had nothing to do with the hotel business I decided to invest here – to have a good reason to come back! Lots of people told me that I’m crazy, but I told them that they have to come here to understand why.

Was it complicated at the beginning?

DS: The first years were very tough! At the beginning there was nothing here, really nothing. The Dragon bungalows were the first ones to built, and this took us two years. We had to import everything, even the engineers. And, the funny thing is: I made every possible mistake in the construction and how it should work … But the reason for me to be here was not to make money. I wanted to be at this magical place!

Also the flight connection was not so good at the beginning, right?

Yes, that’s true. There was only one plane a week from Casablanca to bring the people to Dakhla. And for a long time people who came here also had to spend a night in Casablanca. I mean, let’s be honest – when you have to sleep in one of those airport hotels, all the magic is gone! Now people come for four days cause the flight connection is so good, and also the kite luggage doesn’t cost anything with Royal Air Maroc which was part of the negotiations. Some kitesurfers even visit us for four days now.

Having a view like this every day is definitely a reason to visit Dakhla more than once. (c) Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy

How did the first events work out?

DS: In 2009 I decided to bring the World Championships in Kitesurfing to Dakhla. The first competition was quite difficult cause Dakhla was not known at this time – so we had to convince the organisers that we were serious about it. And we managed to do it. At the first event we had about 35 to 40 riders, after that it increased each year, and Dakhla became one of the major spots on the map. And also our learning curve was rising – it’s difficult to hire, but we got better people and everything started to evolve better.

In the meantime Dakhla is super well-known and growing all the time as a kitesurf spot … 

DS: Yes, it is – especially in the last three years everything was growing fast. So now I am worrying about the eco-responsibility that everyone has to have. All the hotels that I built are eco-responsible as much as possible, we safe water, we recycle it, we osmose it to avoid too much plastic. In the meantime also the local people know how important it is to preserve the lagoon and the environment. So they are asking investors to respect the base with their constructions. We also created an association to protect the lagoon, and we are trying to register the lagoon and the White Dune for the UNESCO protection program. Of course we are protecting it anyway, but this would help to keep it even more clean and safe.

How many times do you have the chance to go on the water?

I try to steal an hour a day for a session … there are intense phases when this doesn’t work of course, but I try. This business here for me is not about the money – it’s about my passion. My business is somewhere else. I don’t want to say it’s a hobby here cause you can’t have a structure like that as a hobby – otherwise you would collapse.

So it’s a tight schedule with the new projects and events. 

DS: We invest, we make events … like the we Sahraouiya which is a solidarity race event for women where we collect money for women’s associations. This year we collected nearly 15.000 Euro at this event, and also 25.000 Euro for the local hospital to build a new department for local children. I think this social part is so important and it should also be a good example for my kids. The money is not what should motivate people. And this is what we all feel here at Dakhla Attitude, it’s the magic of this place. The team has been evolving slowly, and the people stay – they feel that it’s theirs.

Kitespot Dakhla YOG Kitejoy
Dakhla Attitude hosts a lot of events like the TT:R qualifiers for the Youth Olympic Games in February 2018. (c) Helmut Fuchs Kitejoy

Now that I’m here I also feel this as a customer 🙂

DS: We want to give the best customer experience – no one should feel like he’s been crapped. Each year we really strive to give more for the same amount, we try to limit the increases to a minimum. And to give the best customer experience we also had to offer different kind of hotels and rooms, like in Dakhla Westpoint and PK25 now. Compared to 10 years ago there are not only young people who kitesurf. The age is increasing! I noticed that the VIP bungalows are very successfull, and so the idea of a small hotel with a little more comfort arose. So that’s PK25, the new boutique hotel.

Do you think that now there’s a limit reached at the lagoon in matters of space? 

Well, it depends … here, at the upper part, it’s full now. But the lagoon is huge and on the other side there are a lot of spots which can be used. There are some projects going on. I really hope that people are aware of their eco-responsibility.

Dakhla is well-known for events. How important are they for Dakhla Attitude?

The first event we had here was to get on the map. But anyway, having events here is not a money maker! It’s the opposite, we lose money for every event we do. But I like it a lot – we have international top riders here, we get their feedback, some of them became friends.And of course also the people who work here are proud to have e. g. the World Championships or the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour here. Events are a way to celebrate Dakhla and its special magic!

Interview: Anja & Helmut Fuchs

Kitespot Dakhla Lagoon Kitejoy
Endless space and endless wind. (c) Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy

That’s it!

My summary after my first visit in Dakhla: If you want to kite all day, everyday, then this is a perfect package. You’re surrounded by beautiful nature, have plenty of wind, lots of different spots to go, enough no-wind-activities, good food, nice rooms … in short: I would immediately go there again without hesitation.

Huge THANKS to Dakhla Attitude for the possibility to spend one great week in Dakhla and Westpoint!
* Sponsored post in cooperation with Dakhla Attitude. The claims in the article correspond to my personal opinion. 

All pics in this article: (c) Kitejoy

If you have any further questions concerning Dakhla, feel free to contact me via 🙂

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