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Writing is not only my profession – I simply love it. So, as I love to write and kite I decided to combine those two passions.
The result is Kitejoy – an independent web magazine about kitesurfing and all the things around this topic … traveling, lifestyle, equipment and much more. As I want to appeal to a large target group all over the world, all articles are published in english and german.

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About my (life)style

I have been working as a writer and journalist for many years and many different magazines, newspapers, PR agencies, online magazines and publishing houses. So I could gain lots of practical experience.
But experience in writing is not everything if you want to publish articles about kitesurfing! In my opinion it’s super important to be totally into this sport and lifestyle. And I am.
When I travel – which is quite often due to my kite addiction – I always meet a lot of people, and, of course, we talk about kitesurfing all the time.
Also I am acting as an ambassador for a kite brand and teamrider for a surfshop and a lifestyle kite brand – so I always have to be up to date about what’s going on in the kite world and I have to be very active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Additionally I am doing the german editing for TheKiteMag and write a column for the biggest german kitesurf magazine and also I do articles for other kite magazines and blogs.

Of course my main target is to offer useful information for kitesurfers. But: I do not only write down dry facts but a lot of personal experience which in my opinion is so important – as people want to find themselves in the articles, they want “real kite life. So for many articles I talk to other kitesurfers or even professional riders to collect as much experience as possible – and the best tips & tricks.
Sometimes when I write an article I’m sitting directly on the beach watching the kitesurfers … Or, when it’s too cold and windy, you’ll find me writing in our VW bus next to the kite spot or in a surf bar. Can you be more connected to the things you’re writing about?

Here are some examples of what I do (beneath content on this page):

… and much more.


If interested in working together please email me via – I am looking forward to networking, making new contacts and interesting cooperations!

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