Kitesurf workout with a longboard – quick & effective

I think there’s no need to explain that being generally fit makes our kitesurf performance better and more fun. Of course kitesurfing is a great workout too – but what if you can’t be on the water all the time? My friend Egle Marcinkeviciute is from Lithuania and currently lives in Rhodes, Greece where she works at Airriders Kiteprocenter and as a fitness trainer (and soon as a yoga teacher too). She’s truly one of the fittest persons I know and always amazingly creative with her workouts – especially when it’s about workouts where no gym and special fitness equipment is needed! In this article she’ll share one of these workouts with you. All you need is a longboard (but also a skateboard will do it’s job). Enjoy the sweet pain of your burning muscles the next morning … 

Kitesurf workout with a longboard

For this kitesurf workout which is mainly focused on legs and abs you don’t need a gym – you can do it anywhere. So just grab a longboard or skate and fire up your muscles! You can also incorporate those moves to any of your workout routine or do them as a finisher. Important: Do not rush on these exercises! Focus on your form and let all muscles be tensed all the time. Here’s the order of the exercises you see in the video:
one leg lunges • one leg lunges staying low • glute bridge with legs on longboard • ab longboard rollout • frogger legs on the longboard • dog pose legs on the longboard Set a timer and do it for 30 sek three times. And here we go: Longboard kitesurf workout video by Egle Check out more videos, recipes, fitness tipps and motivation on Egle’s social media channels: egle_marc on Instagram Project be better on Facebook
kitesurf workout with a longboard kitejoy
Get fit with a quick and effective kitesurf workout – you only need yourself and a longboard!

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