Surf Games Podersdorf: Kite- and Windsurf-Pics, 13. – 14. 5. 2017

Aloha guys!

So here’s an impression of the Surf Games Podersdorf which has been an awesome event for boardsport fanatics! There has been a 4-Mile-Fun-Endurance-Race for kite- and windsurfers, some windsurf competitions and a freestyle/parkstyle contest. If you haven’t been at the Surf Games, at least you can have a look at these pics. If you have been there, maybe you find yourself somewhere here … Get more information and pics about this Stylehunters event here: Surf Games Podersdorf
Location: Nord-Nordstrand, Podersdorf am See

Date: 13. & 14. 5. 2017

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