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Kitespot Kremasti – Rhodes, Greece. All you kneed to know

Kremasti, Rhodes: My favorite summer spot

It was so much fun to write this article cause this kitespot really means a lot to me! On the one side, cause I spent most of my time on the water there, made most of my progress and I completed my kitesurf-instructor-internship at this place.

On the other side, cause I learned to know so much people there whom I grew very fond of – without a doubt I would say they became close friends to me. Not to forget our dog Monkey who spent the first year of his life at Kremasti beach. For all those reasons I feel emotionally bond with this place and I can’t imagine one year without going there. So I return every year (like many, many others do …).

kitespot kremasti airriders kitejoy
The spanking new Airriders station in Kremasti (it has been rebuild in spring 2018). (c) Dorothea Giakoumaros

Kitespot Kremasti
The conditions

In Kremasti you find – especially during June, July and August – very reliable wind conditions. In all the (many!) weeks I spent there in the last years on this spot (mostly in July and August) I experienced a wind yield of at least 95 percent, always with sunny hot weather and not one rainy day. Temperature in this months is usually more than 30 degrees. Even in the night it stays comfortably warm so that you don’t need a jacket or long pants. During the night the wind usually drops.

Source: Windfinder
Source: Windfinder

The Meltemi – that’s the name of the summer wind in the Ägäis – in Kremasti blows sideshore from the left. Between the island Rhodos and Turkey it turns into a western direction and is pressed through the straits. The result: An amazing jet effect! In the afternoon the thermal pushes the wind additionally – so you can expect 5 to 7 bft. On strong days the wind starts already in the morning with 3 to 5 bft.

In spring and autumn sometimes the Tramontana is blowing from the north. In Kremasti this type of wind leads to a quite strong shore break – however, this is not really recommendable for beginners.

kitespot kremasti airriders kitejoy
Freestyle sessions in Kremasti. (c) Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy
Station manager Dora shows you how to do it! (c) Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy

When the Meltemi starts the water stays quite flat in the beginning. The stronger the wind gets, the more chop you have on the water – but still the conditions are quite freestyle-friendly. It’s not butter flat – but hey, if you learn your freestyle moves in these conditions you can be sure that you really got them!

More far outside you can enjoy the wind swell which is super funny when you grab the surfboard after you let off all the steam with the twintip. The water is quite warm, you can expect 28, 29 degrees in the summer. So it’s no problem if you lose your board and have to swim a little longer.

kitespot kremasti airriders kitejoy
Wether you go for freestyle or for a strapless session – you’ll have fun in Rhodes. © Kitejoy

The standing area in the water is very narrow. From the shore on it gets down steep and the water gets quickly deep. But even super greenhorns will have no problems (if they are motivated and not afraid of deep water) cause the teachers at the Airriders kitestation know exactly what they’re doing and how they can assist and help, and there’s the jetski rescue too. And it can also be an andvantage to learn in deep water.

Rhodes is not comparable to Egypt for beginners – but I tell you the truth: Compared to starting kitesurfing with 100 percent lab conditions like in Egypt here you will really learn it the way you will need it for the future. And that’s worth so much more, I promise.

The beach of Kremasti with the Airriders Kite Procenter. The wind is blowing sideshore from the left.
The beach of Kremasti with the Airriders Kite Procenter. The summer wind is blowing sideshore from the left.
kitespot kremasti airriders kitejoy
Voula having fun in front of the station. © Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy

Kitespot Kremasti
The place and the beach

The village Kremasti is situated in the north of the island Rhodes, a little bit eastern from the airport and about 12 kilometers away from Rhodes Town. From the airport to Kremasti it’s just about 10 mins. This could be the only one thing that could be disturbing for people who are super sensitive to noises: the air traffic. But, to be honest, I never met anyone who felt really annoyed by this. All the people I know would like to come back every year or even do it … I think that says it all!

The kitespot Kremasti is situated in the north of the island.
The kitespot Kremasti is situated in the north of the island Rhodes.

Depending on where you stay you get to the beach by feet or by bike or motorbike (you can rent both quite inexpensive – but in the main summer season you should ask the locals, for example your hotel, renter or the guys at the Airriders station where you can rent cheap ones).

The new Airriders Kite Procenter located in Kremasti. © Dorothea Giakoumaros

Airriders Kite Procenter is a station has been rebuild this year and offers now every luxury to spoil you: The chilling zone at the downstair’s deck is 60 sqm and the terrace on top is 70 sqm with comfy seated areas. You’ll find top (rental) equipment, storage, a compressor (so heavenly for pumping the kites in the heat!) as well as showers and changing rooms. The WiFi has been extended so that you can always update your social media or also work from there. The times a week you can join the morning workouts (also a great activity for those rare no-wind-days). And last but not least there’s the Airriders team which consists of super  lovely people which are always helpful! Get some impressions here:

Credits: © Liviu Codreanu/© Dorothea Giakoumaros

If you want to kite in front of the station and use the facilities as well as the rescue service (in case you need it) you have to register. Rescue service costs a little bit extra, but it’s a bargain. And very useful – cause it can happen that the wind drops (for whichever reason …) and then it’s so good if you and your kite get picked up by the jetski and you don’t have to swim.
Naturally it can happen that you have a problem with your kite or hurt yourself (let’s not hope that, but it’s possible). The guys on the beach are always watching if someone needs help and in case they are quickly there.

kitespot kremasti airriders kitejoy
Important note: Don’t forget your sunblocker for a kitesurf warrior style like Egle wears it on the water! (c) Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy

On the beach you find a mix from fine sand and pebbles and stones on the shore. You should absolutely have flip flops with you if you don’t want to burn your feet in the hot sand (and it gets really hot over the day!).
If you wear shoes for kitesurfing or not is a question of attitude, look and depends on how tough you are. Sometimes the stones on the shore can be a little bit nasty – but no worries, after a few days you get used to it! To those who are beginners or have not a lot of experience I would recommend to wear neoprene socks or -shoes – better safe than sorry.

If you want to chill and relax between the sessions you can go up to the (now even bigger!) terrace or use the roofed shadowy part of the kite carpet. The terrace is also super nice for those who come to the station but don’t want to kite. Wether if you want to read a book in the shadow, get a tan or just watch the kiters on the water – the padded daybeds and couches are super comfortable. And believe me: A view like the one from this terrace you don’t have every day. It’s absolutely amazing!

kitespot kremasti airriders kitejoy
Perfection: The view from the terrace of the kitecenter. (c) Liviu Codreanu

The guests on the station come from all over the world, so the main communication language is english. For this reason it’s very helpful to at least know the basics of the english language. This helps in making new contacts, too. If you don’t speak english, I am sure you will learn it very quickly there while having a lot of fun too! Be careful with learning greek – when you ask the locals for a translation you can’t always be sure not to learn some really bad words instead, haha!

Kitespot Kremasti
Some more tips

Now some more things that are useful to know: As I mentioned before sometimes the wind comes slightly side from the left. The combination of sideshore wind + trees + buildings on the beach means that there can be wind swirls on the shore. So you have to be attentive while launching and landing (even for experienced kitesurfers this can be challenging sometimes). But no worries, the guys at the station tell you how to do it properly. If you know it once, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.
After launching the kite don’t let it go up to 12 – the best way is to keep it at 10, 11 just holding the right backline slightly with one hand (you can let go the bar completely) and go towards the water. After the first meters the swirls are gone and the fun can start!

kitespot kremasti airriders kitejoy
Landed – after a solo session in Kremasti. (c) Kitejoy

On the right side of the kiting zone there is a swimming zone which is marked with surface buoys. As the name suggests the swimming zone is for swimmers and not for kiters, haha! Nevertheless it happens again and again that kitesurfers drop in there, the kite gets tangled with the ropes of the buoys or whatever. If you are a guest of Airriders, please try to avoid to get in there and keep distance! It happens often that swimmers call the police if a kitesurfer is in the swimming zone and no wonder that this is very unpleasant for the station.

If you should have a problem somewhere near the swimming zone, just steer your kite away from the shore and wait until the jetski comes. Avoid coming out of the water with your kite in the area of the swimming zone.

kitespot kremasti airriders kitejoy
Don’t worry – if you have a problem, the jetski is waiting for you! (c) Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy

Kitespot Kremasti
What else?

There are heaps of nice accommodations in Kremasti. Most of them are guest houses and not very expensive. Next to the beach of Kremasti and Trianda (the next beach towards Rhodes town) there are some nice hotels that are not too big, and you can also rent villas, e. g. in Ialyssos, which is next to Kremasti.

In Ixia, which is nearer to the town of Rhodes, you can find the big hotel bunkers. If you like it very touristic, then Ixia might be the right place to stay for you. Even more touristic atmosphere than in Ixia you will only find in Faliraki which is known as the absolute party mecca of the island.

kitespot kremasti airriders kitejoy
Party during the day: You’ll always find good vibes at the station. © Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy

But back to Kremasti (where I love the non-touristic atmosphere!): The small town offers enough opportunities to eat and drink – nice cafés where you can take your breakie and morning coffee, cool bars where you get excellent cocktails (like Skybar where you must absolutely try the Mojito ) and restaurants with delicious food and fair prices.

What you should  try in the restaurants is Meze (also called Mezedes): A multi-set menu with a lot of small dishes like greek salad, fries, fried feta cheese, stuffed wine leaves, vegetables in different preparation methods and (as a main course!) meat or fish – depending on what the innkeeper has on stock. It’s so delicious and always different, depending on the restaurant where you eat and on the day when you come. The whole thing you get for a quite cheap price, drinks like beer or ouzo included. After an exhausting day on the water this will give you all your energy back 😉
If you want to buy food there are also some supermarkets in the village and the kiosks which are open 24/7.

The city of Rhodes is wort more than one to visit! © Pixabay/kirkandmimi
In the old town of Rhodes you’ll find many impressive buildings like this (but also great shops and boutiques!). © Pixabay/manfredrichter

In Rhodes Town everything is a little bit more expensive. Nevertheless you should go at least one evening to this cool city. Especially the beautiful old town is a must-see, it’s so impressive! Also the nightlife is amazing – you will find a lot of small and super stylish bars, outdoor-discos and much more. Just go out and see where you land.
Another thing is the famous as well as infamous Bar Street. If you like hardcore-partying then this is your place to be! But then you should hope that the wind comes very late on the day after. Or (the best that can happen in this case) it doesn’t come at all.

Not to forget – from time to time there are BBQs at the station:  great food, loud music and happy people, that’s what you can expect! So no way to miss those dates 🙂

Lindos is really a beautiful place – but if you plan to go there, go in the evening (it’s simply too hot during the day). © Pixabay/ivabalk

I am sorry, but I can’t say so much about culture! Cause all the time I spent on the island there was so much wind that I merely got out of the water 😉 As I am super addicted to kitesurfing and if the wind is blowing nothing can hold me back. In the evening most of the time I feel totally destroyed (in a  good way ;)) and I am too lazy for big tours. My husband is the same and so we could only manage it to spend one afternoon in the popular village Lindos, which is really beautiful.
But to all those who want to go there I can only recommend: If you are clever, you don’t you kiting excessively on this day, save your energy and go there in the evening! In the afternoon it’s simply too hot and you will not be able to enjoy it as you should.

Have you already been to Rhodes or Kremasti for kitesurfing and do you have any additions? I’m keen to read about your experiences!

I hope that this article gives a proper overview of my favorite kitespot Kremasti.  If you haven’t been there and have any further questions – feel free to ask me and I will help if i can.

Here’s the link to Airriders Kite Procenter if you need more information or need some insider tips 🙂

Yes, the water in Rhodes is really that bright … © Kitejoy

If you haven’t tried kitesurfing and need some hints why you should do it – then maybe you should read this article about “Why kitesurfing?” and go on then 😉



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