Is it kite addiction? Typical kitesurfer problems

Although kiteboarders enjoy their sports and lifestyle, one should not believe that it’s always super fun to be a kite addict. Kitesurfers have their very own bunch of specific problems – and they are not always easy to handle! The following points will not all affect every kiter out there … but I am sure that lots of readers will find theirselves in one or more of the described situations.

Kite addiction

First things first: There’s nothing bad to be a kite addict … as long as we concede that we suffer from this nice and healthy disease and don’t take this (luxury!!!) problems too serious.
Read through the signs of kite addiction and check out which ones affect you!

When the wind determines your whole life

Checking forecasts all the time …

It starts in the morning when the alarm clock wakes you up: The first thing that comes to your mind is the wind. So you immediately have to check the forecast for the spots within your reach – maybe even before your first coffee! Your phone is full of wind alert apps and you never close the Windfinder and Windguru tabs in your browser – so that you can quickly have a look if the forecast has changed. Nothing left to chance!

… even if you should actually work.

Imagine if your boss at work would knew what you are doing all the time on your computer! And, if he knows that you are a kitesurfer, maybe he already found the link between your sick leaves and the windy days … so better be careful, hehe! Ah, I know – you are already dreaming about becoming a dropout and living a simple kitesurf lifestyle, right?
But also if you are self-employed – do you even realize how much time you spend checking and comparing different forecasts and weather models … and how creative you get explaining yourself that shifting over all the workload to no-wind-days for sure is the best solution for your business? Ts, ts …

You never lose sight of the wind

When you sit somewhere next to the spot with people you just pretent that you are relaxed … yes, you talk and joke and have fun, but in reality with one eye you are constantly checking every movement in the trees and flags.
Actually you don’t want to leave the kitespot as long as there’s even the slightest chance for wind. If your partner/kids/friends want to go to a café or restaurant they have to use every possible argument to get you away from your observation post. In the restaurant you don’t want to order something to eat, cause if the wind picks up you could miss the best 10 minutes on the water – which would be tantamount to a disaster!

Your mood depends on the wind

Oh yeah, a windy day is a good day – as long as you can go for a session! If not, it can easily happen that you get grumpy. So if you have to work, everything is ok as long as it’s not pumping out there. Sitting in the office while the others are out on the water having fun? Of course you’re not envy and grant the fun to the others … but anyway, sometimes that’s really hard to deal with.
Or when you come to the spot and there’s no wind at all, but the first thing you hear is: “You should have been here yesterday – damn, that was a big day!” Thanks for the information, man! Things like this won’t boost your mood, right?
Same for a vacation that you booked in the hope that it will be windy everyday. But then it’s not. For sure I could list some alternatives now or present you this article about windless days … but anyway, although one has to swallow the toad: You on the spot with enough time and all your equipment but no wind – come on, that’s super frustrating.

Kitesurfing affects your relationships

As the weather and the wind aren’t predictable in a long-term perspective planning appointments is complicated for kite addicts. Whether it’s about the birthday of your grandma, the traditional Sunday’s lunch at your parent’s place or the bachelor party of your cousin … you may hesitate to give a clear commitment cause there’s also a chance for wind on this specific day – you never know, right? Therefore you try to keep everything non-committal and spontaneous. If you are at a family meeting cause you promised to come you can be sure that just on this day the wind is pumping and you miss the best day ever! Therefore you are only physically present, uneasy and a bad conversation partner.

So it’s not unusual that a confirmed kite addict dissapoints his non-kiting-partner, friends or family due to his passion. I must admit that for me it’s often really, really hard to find the balance between my kitesurfing passion and my life outside the “kite-bubble”, as I call it. I think we should all keep in mind that kitesurfing is not always everything – so maybe it shouldn’t determine all of our decisions!
Particularly relationships between kiters and non-kiting-partners can be problematic due to different interests and needs of both partners. Tip: Read more about kitesurfing & relationships in this article.

There’s so much stuff …

Your first equipment maybe consisted of the bare essentials. But after some years as a kitesurfer and increased expression of kite addiction your equipment finally occupies a big part of your flat, house or car. (As long as you’re not a kitesurf digital nomad who travels with small luggage or work at a kite station and use their equipment.)  Some things you can’t find sufficient space for are used as decoration. You always tell yourself: “There’s just this one piece, I absolutely need it right now! But then that’s it – my kite equipment is complete.” Yeees, for sure … What a luck that it’s so easy nowadays to sell (and buy) kite stuff via Internet!


What about you? Do you recognize signs of kite addiction – and if yes, which ones? How do you handle them?

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