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Inspiring women in kitesurfing: Miriam Tymiec from Wake Up Stoked

Maybe you have already heard from Wake Up Stoked which is a great kitesurf blog founded by Miriam Tymiec, a travel addicted kitegirl who works as a graphic designer all over the world (depending where her wind chasing journeys lead her …). If you want to know more about Miriam’s lifestyle as a digital nomad and in particular about her new project together with her brother – the Wake Up Stoked camps – then you should definitely read on …

How did Wake Up Stoked evolve?

Miriam started kitesurfing in 2011 in Cabarete, DR after finishing her Graphic Design studies. She got totally hooked from the first moment on and deciced to stay there for one year and to work as a kite teacher. When she then came back to her hometown Munich and started to work in her learned profession again she didn’t feel really happy anymore.

Long story short: After several changes (and a lot of organisational stuff) she left her “old” life behind and now works location-independently as a freelance graphic designer from different kite spots all over the world. I know that sounds quite easy-cheesy. And being able to work like this and living this kind of lifestyle might for some people look like being on holiday all the time –  but believe me (I know it from my own personal experience), it isn’t. Not at all. But it’s always worth to follow your heart and passion, and that’s what Miriam did. If you’re interested in reading the whole (impressive!) story behind, check it out here.

Miriam Tymiec Wake Up Stoked
© www.actionedit.de

Wake Up Stoked: The camps

What started with Miriam’s blog has now been expanded: Together with her brother Manuel (who is, btw, her personal kite coach and does a lot of filming, editing etc.) she initiated another project – the Wake Up Stoked camps. The first one will take place in Greece at Drepano from 22nd to 29th of June, 2019.

Well, I know there are already heaps of different kite camps out there which makes it hard to choose… But that’s exactly why Miriam and Manuel, also known as “the kitesurf siblings”, focused on creating something different. “Both of us would have liked to have a camp like this at the beginning of our kitesurf career. It shouldn’t be just a camp with coaching that helps you to get your kiting to the next level. We want to offer something more comprehensive: A camp that brings both your kitesurfing and your life to the next level”, she explains.

Participants of our camp should feel inspired after this week, but not only on the water. Our program includes Yoga in the morning, specific workshops on personal development or simple, but healthy nutrition as well as meditation and visualization sessions which can be related to kitesurfing but also to life in general. We want a sweeping blow, a week fully packed with things that feel good but cannot be found everywhere and from which participants can pick the most useful aspects for themselves and integrate them into their daily life.”

Wake Up Stoked Camps
The Wake Up Stoked camp organizers: Miriam and her brother Manuel, also known as “the kitesurf siblings” © Wake Up Stoked

The spot

And why Drepano? Quite easy to answer: “It’s a kite spot that ticked off all our boxes: very stable wind, works with almost any wind direction and with the two most regular wind directions you get perfect flatwater thanks to the land strip. This is why this spot is hugely popular for kitesurf pros all over the world who come to train here – and soon you! We haven’t found many spots where progression is made this easy regarding kite conditions and we’re happy that this spot is still quite unknown and not overcrowded.”

Wake Up Stoked Camps Drepano
The spot in Drepano from a bird’s view © www.actionedit.de
Wake Up Stoked Camps Drepano
Miriam shredding the perfect flatwater heaven! © www.actionedit.de

How does a whole day at the Wake Up Stoked camp look like?

Your day in Drepano might start with a healthy breakfast in the kite villa, followed by a daily briefing meeting and your kitesurf program for the day – wether it’s going kiting on your own, being coached by one of the advanced riders or having lessons if you’re a beginner. Then you can have a fresh lunch (e. g. burgers, salads or Acai bowls), spend your afternoon on the water or chill on the pool, join one of the evening meditations or visualisation sessions and afterwards go out with your kite buddies or cook at home.

What’s included?

The camp includes everything from accomodation, breakfast, transfer to the spot, three days of kite coaching, unlimited boat rescue, a goodie bag, daily Yoga lessons, no wind activities (excursions, gym sessions…), a greek BBQ up to meditations and workshops and much more. Sounds tempting? Well, then you should get in contact with Miriam – there are only a few places left!

Wake Up Stoked Camps
Learn how to fly at the Wake Up Stoked camps! © www.actionedit.de

Check out the camps and Miriam’s social media channels:

Wake Up Stoked camps

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Wake Up Stoked on Facebook


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