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Inspiring women in kitesurfing: Agata Dobrzynska

Welcome to the next part of the series “Inspiring women in kitesurfing”. For this one I talked to Agata Dobrzynska (Aggie) who you might know from the advertorials of the Ion Muse wetsuits as she’s the face of the Muse collection. Her current homebase is in Sicily, Lo Stagnone where she’s teaching at Prokite Alby Rondina. But Aggie also travels a lot to follow her passions – not only kitesurfing but also snowboarding and snowkiting (for example she takes part in the Red Bull Ragnarok each winter). Next to that she founded her own business Love2Kite where she organizes kite camps for women. Read more about how it is to be a business kitesurf lady and the next Love2Kite girls camp (21 – 25 September in Sicily) in the following!

Interview: Agata Dobrzynska

Hey Aggie, tell us some facts about you: When did you start with kitesurfing and how does your life look now? 

I started kitesurfing six years ago in Poland, where I come from originally. Now I am living in Sicily and enjoying every single day in this surf paradise! Before I completely fell in love with kitesurfing I was a mounting girl, I couldn’t image myself in winter without my snowboard or skis under my feet. Well, things have changed but just a little bit … now I am always looking for a life balance: Kitesurfing in summer and snowkiting and snowboarding in winter – can life get any better?! 🙂
agata dobrzynska interview kitejoy
Aggie enjoying the butterflat playground of Lo Stagnone’s lagoon.

What about the beginnings of Love2Kite and how is it going at the moment? 
I started this project in Mexico, where I have been working as a kitesurf instructor for six months. Teaching people how to kitesurf was always my passion, it gives so much satisfaction to see your student riding with a big smile on his face! This is absolutely priceless 😉 So why Love2Kite? As I already mentioned I was always a super active person and I love to share my passion with other people. Two years ago I organized my first women kite camp here in Sicily – and I have to say that it was a blast! We only had ten places available, for the first camp more than 15 girls subscribed – so we had to open a waiting list … Since that time I do few camps in a year, which are always fully booked! It’s so amazing to see how many women want to improve or simply start their kite adventure. That gives me even more power and motivation do keep going on with this project!

Aggie teaching during a Love2Kite camp.

What do you like on teaching women – is there a difference to teaching men? 
The cool thing is that everything stays between girls! We know what we want and we know which goals we want to achieve. We are  women with the same passion, same motivation and state of mind. During those events we are supporting us and learning from each other. We make a lifetime friends and travel buddies for a next kite holiday!

interview agata dobrzynska kitejoy
Kitesurfing and exploring the surroundings in Sicily – like the beautiful town Marsala.

How is it to be a business woman in combination with traveling and your passion for kitesurfing? 
I do what I love and I was so lucky that this became also my work. I could never imagine myself sitting in the office and listening to my boss telling me what to do … hehehe! I am very happy to see how my project is growing for the last two years, every camp is special to me, my head is full of ideas and future plans, so be prepared – more is coming!

agata dobrzynska interview kitejoy
Celebrating shared success!

When and where will the next camp take place? 
Our next Love2Kite camp will take place also here in Sicily from 21st to 25th of September. This camp is dedicated to all #womenlivingaloha out there – so if you love yoga and kiteboarding, and want to share your passion with other positive women, you should definitely sign up! All levels are welcome!

interview agata dobrzynska kitejoy
Girls having fun at the Love2Kite camps!

Are you organizing the Love2Kite camps only in Sicily?
Well, I love Sicily and I think this is the place to be: Lo Stagnone is very flat, shallow and there’s a huge lagoon which makes this place perfect for beginners and freestyle riders. We also have amazing restaurants and wines … with all that Sicily is an amazing destination for a holiday! But we are also doing our camps in a different places, end of this year we will also organize a Women Kite & Wake Camp in Dakhla, Morocco and a kite safari in Egypt – stay tuned!

agata dobrzynska interview kitejoy
Lo Stagnone: Super flat water makes the lagoon perfect for beginners and freestyle riders.

You want to know more about what to expect from a Love2Kite camp with Agata Dobrzynska? Check out this video!
You can find Love2Kite and Aggie’s social media profiles here:
Agata Dobrzynska on Facebook

Lead shot: © Alberto Rondina


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