How kitesurfing changed my life

Nothing is like it used to …

… or some may say: Things used to be much better. I guess you heard that more than one time from your grandparents? 😉 Well, I don’t think this way at all. I am talking about my life before I started kitesurfing and now. This cannot be compared anymore!
Since I was hooked to a kite for the first time a lot has changed for me. More than I would ever have expected. And I’m not exaggerating!
Maybe it’s not the same for everybody, maybe some experience it more, some less intensive. In my case the kite-regarded impacts did massively affect different levels of my life: my personality, my relationships, my daily organization, my jobs.  May sound unbelievably, but it’s true.

A completely new life due to kitesurfing? Yes!!!
Here you can read how getting hooked to this sport changed everything for me.

  • I became much calmer. Getting worked up about things very quickly was something I was totally used to. This has changed with kitesurfing. I don’t get upset so much anymore … at least
    anja terrace
    One of the best impacts of my kitesurfing career: I feel more relaxed (most of the time ;)). (c) H. Fuchs

    when there’s a lot of wind and I get on the water regularly.

  • I feel younger every year. I am not sure, why – maybe, because I’m much fitter and  spend more outdoors in every weather – whatever, I like this feeling a lot.
  • My wanderlust became so much stronger. I have to say that this is not always easy if you live at a place where there is no sea far and wide. I need Vitamin Sea and Wind as often as possible.

    No wind activities: Climbing the white sanddunes in Vietnam at the Lotus Lake.
    No wind activities: Climbing the white sanddunes in Vietnam at the Lotus Lake.
  • I became a more flexible person. As on kitesurf trips you experience a lot of surprises, especially when you are on the way with a VW bus somewhere in the nowhere, you very often have to improvise or just tell yourself: “Ok, this is sh… now, but that’s the way things are.” This has an impact to your daily life then too – you react cooler in a lot of situations.
  • I travelled the world (not the whole world yet ;)), saw new places and countries and learned to know new people that I grew fond of.
  • Due to kitesurfing also my relationship became stronger. To be honest I couldn’t imagine how it would be if my hubby and me weren’t both addicted to kiting. This would be complicated not
    Lucky me that my hubby gave me so much support when I started to get hooked to kiting.
    Lucky me that my hubby provided me so much support when I started to get hooked to kiting.

    only regarding our vacations.

  • I made a lot o f new friends. But some friendships sadly broke or passed by due to my completely different lifestyle as a kitesurf-addict. The reason: Probably there was not enough understanding for the other one anymore. An example: I used to spend a lot of time going out and having party. Now I spend most of the time on the way with my husband somewhere on the search for wind. Arranging appointments has became complicated, especially on weekends. Cause, when I know that there is wind somewhere within 500 kilometers around me, I can hardly just sit around at a birthday party or family meeting. I know, I know … this is not very social, but I can’t change. The greed for wind and water is so strong! Or another example: There are no topics of conversation anymore. It’s no wonder: Someone who is not hooked to kiting can’t understand that kiters can philosophize hours for hours about their passion. Which is very understandable.
  • My body awareness became much better and there is always a new trick I am working on. Some years ago it was not so important for me to be fit timely before spring or summer. Now I am training during the winter to get it fully going on the water from my first session of the year on. Being fit and having good muscles is also very important if you try new things and crash a lot!
Cold weather? I don't care!
How kitesurfing changed my life: Cold weather? I don’t care as long as there is wind!


  • Concerning to bad weather I got more tough. I voluntarily go for a session even at super dirty weather. Coldness, rain – I don’t care as long as my kite flies! If someone would have predicted ten years ago that I would find myself hanging on a kite in water with ten degrees (or very often less than that) and 12 degrees air (or very often less than that) and 20 knots of wind – I just would have laughed at him.
  • Working in a job 9 to 5 – I can’t imagine doing this anymore. I am very happy that I managed it to organize my jobs (yes, due to all the spare time I need for kitesurfing I had to split them) in a way that keeps me quite location-independent. This makes it possible to react more spontaneous if there is wind somewhere.
  • I spend a lot of time (in-between work …) checking Windfinder and other forecasts to plan where to go for the weekend or to
    Always check the wind …

    reorganize how I will be working the next days cause there is wind popping up somewhere at my favourite spots.

  • I found all my creativity again. E. g. I founded the label Haubinger – it started with a kite beanie I wanted to make for myself. In the meantime the whole thing became a little bit more extensive – it’s one of my jobs. What I’m doing? See it here.
  • I became a dog’s mum. My hubby and me found the sweetest little being in the whole world – during a kite surf trip to Greece.  Now Monkey, the cute and funny ex-stray-dog from a kite beach in Rhodes is living with us. The funny thing: He doesn’t like wind, water or heat although he spent about one year of his life on a kite beach. But snow he loves very much! If possible he is always with us on our trips. During our kite sessions he loves to chill in the bus (I always say he would easily win the competition “King Of The Bus”).
Monkey, our lovebug and the acting King Of The Bus.
Monkey, our lovebug and the acting King Of The Bus.

So this is how kitesurfing changed my life. As you see in summary not all things which appeared with my kitesurf addiction are positive – like broken friendships and schedule difficulties. Nevertheless: Now my life is so much better than before that I don’t regret anything! I cannot imagine my life without a kite and wind and water anymore. In summary: For me kitesurfing improved EVERYTHING.

And what about you?
Which impacts did kitesurfing have to your daily life or personality? Or do you know someone else whose life has been turned upside down through this sport? Im super curious to hear your experiences!

If you didn’t attempt kiting yet maybe this article pushes you to try it? Believe me, you should give it a chance 😉

Have a nice day and maybe see you on the water soon! Aloha, Anja


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[…] How kitesurfing changed my life […]

7. April 2016 18:06

Great sentiments. It’s definitely more than a hobby. To quote Point Break, it’s a source.