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Surf Worldcup Podersdorf 2016: The Kite Weekend

Impressions of the first weekend of SWC 2016 in Podersdorf/Austria

Hey guys, since last week there is a lot going on at the Neusiedlersee (Lake Neusiedl). The reason is the Surf Worldcup, which has been carried out annually since 1998 there. Since then every year it got more crowded and in the meantime it has developed to a huge event – on the first weekend alone 45.000 people came to Podersdorf.

On the way to SWC Podersdorf – the last one there …

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FAQ about Kitesurfing VOL. 3: The kite etiquette. Behaviour rules for kitesurfers

About bad habits, No-gos on the kite beach and how to prevent them

Basically it doesn’t matter which kind of sports you choose: There are always people who can spoil the fun for everyone.  Sometimes more, sometimes less – and often times it’s just small things which get on our nerves. But nevertheless you have to wonder where some people lost their good manners. It doesn’t matter if you are on the top of a mountain or at the beach – we should always take a big amount of respect, fairness and courtesy with us.

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FAQ about kitesurfing VOL. 2: Four line or five line kite?

How many lines … still a controversial issue.

This 5th line! In my experience it’s a topic which splits the kitecommunity into to camps. You either love or hate it. I always compare it with the question: How to eat Nutella on a bread – with or without butter? Do you know anyone who doesn’t care about this choice? Not me. There is no either/or. (Well, it’s only possible without butter. No question.)

Ist der Unterschied zwischen Vier- und Fünfleinerkites vergleichbar mit dem zwischen Waveboard und Twintip? (c) H. Fuchs
Is the difference between four line and five line kites comparable to the difference between a directional and a twintip? (c) H. Fuchs

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FAQ about kitesurfing VOL. 1: Seat or waist harness?

What’s better for me?

Especially in the beginning of a kitesurf career the whole equipment thing can be quite confusing. There are a lot of decisions to make: Which harness, which kite should I choose? Is it absolutely necessary for a beginner to take a big board? What about second-hand equipment – is it a good idea to search for used material or should I buy everything new? And so on and so forth. One problem is: Everybody tells you something different. One of your kite friends swears by only one brand, another one tells you to never buy one piece of this brand cause it’s bad stuff. In online kite forums where you hang around in hope of inspiration you find thousands of different opinions (and everyone knows it better than the others) – which is even more confusing.

(c) Helmut Fuchs
Seat or waist harness? An essential question for kitesurf beginners. (c) H. Fuchs

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Kitesurfing and relationship

Shall I start kitesurfing just for his (her) sake?


Well, shall I? This is a question which for sure is going around in a lots of girls heads whose boyfriend or husband is a passionate kitesurfer. Some years ago I was one of them. For this reason I want to bring of this subject here: I can’t philosophize about this only theoretically – I myself have already experienced it including all the associated thoughts, feelings and doubts.
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How kitesurfing changed my life

Nothing is like it used to …

… or some may say: Things used to be much better. I guess you heard that more than one time from your grandparents? 😉 Well, I don’t think this way at all. I am talking about my life before I started kitesurfing and now. This cannot be compared anymore!
Since I was hooked to a kite for the first time a lot has changed for me. More than I would ever have expected. And I’m not exaggerating!
Maybe it’s not the same for everybody, maybe some experience it more, some less intensive. In my case the kite-regarded impacts did massively affect different levels of my life: my personality, my relationships, my daily organization, my jobs.  May sound unbelievably, but it’s true. Continue reading How kitesurfing changed my life