Article series: Annoying kitesurf characters Vol. 2 – the self-declared equipment expert

Here we go with Vol. 2 of the series “annoying kitesurf characters”. In fairness it must also be said that among kitesurfers there are only a few really stressful people … but some can really shatter one’s nerves! The first article was about killjoys, this time it’s about self-declared equipment experts. I must repeat that I really wrote this articles with a small wink and a large dose of humour … which is the best way to deal with complicated characters, right?

Annoying kitesurf characters Vol. 2


Also a very, very special character. Cause this person knows everything, especially in matters of equipment! Their whole kitesurfing life is just about equipment – and the main problem is, that their trains of thought are quite dogmatic: If you learn a trick or not is just only depends on equipment, you can never ever learn it without a specific kite (and with that I don’t mean the example of learning a handlepass witha  foilkite ;)). If you are a good person/rider or not only depends on the type of your kite and board. Everything which is written in any kite magazine about equipment must be the single truth and is universally valid forever and ever! When you ride a “beginner” kite, of course you must be a bloody beginner and ever will be.

Pfffff ….. of course they might even be right with some things, but why does one have to be so extreme in his opinions?

Kitesurfing is not only about equipment … it’s about enjoying yourself and nature. (c) Helmut Fuchs/Kitejoy

The funny thing is: Such people are characterized by their little superficial knowledge. You’ll merely find a really good and experienced kiter behaving like this. In 99,9 percent of the cases these people are not very experienced – on the contrary, very often they are quite insecure kitesurfers with a weak kite control and no clue about how a kite works in matters of physics, power, depower, line lengths and flight characteristics. Nevertheless they don’t hesitate to share their dubious competence with you, without being asked of course. I don’t need to say how exhausting it can be when you have to deal with such a person.

At the end of the day there’s only one thing that counts: That you had fun on the water. No matter with which equipment! (c) Helmut Fuchs/kitejoy

What to do when encountering an overall expert? Well, if you’re lucky you manage it to run away in time. If not, you are still on the safe side if you have the same equipment as he owns. If not, good luck! Then it’s the best to make him clear from the outset that you’re totally aware about the fact that your equipment is shit. Don’t try to discuss, you’ll only get frustrated! Take a deep breathe, go for a session, have fun with your equipment – whatever you ride, it doesn’t matter. It’s the fun that counts and not what others say.

How about your experiences with self-declared equipment experts? Did you ever meet one? Let me know!

Next article will be about another annoying kitesurf type … the ignoramus. Be prepared 😉

Have you read Vol. 1 of this series which is about killjoys?


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