Article Series: Annoying kitesurf characters Vol. 1 – The Killjoy

During the last months I did some research. I talked to quite a lot of kitesurfers and tried to find out which things might spoil their fun and enjoyment for kitesurfing. Of course there are negative factors like broken equipment or even accidents … but these should not be part of this article – cause the funny thing is, that most of the kiters I talked to did not mention such “big” factors as their primary annoyance! In 99 percent of the cases people mentioned other kitesurfers and their strange behaviour as the most irritating thing. And so that’s what this new series is about and why I call it “annoying kitesurf characters”.

Annoying kitesurf characters Vol. 1

Of course one might think that as a kiteboarder you feel misunderstood by people who don’t kite and by their habit of asking strange questions or treating you like a super freaky wind-addict (what you probably are). But no, it’s not like that. At least not solely! My experience showed me that it’s mainly how other kitesurfers act that  drives most of us crazy!

Very important: Please read the following articles with a wink … and a good sense of humour. Why? Cause it’s not about running down other people … it’s also about reflecting our own behaviour, cause I’m sure that each of us also has his special habits which might sometimes get on others’ nerves – for sure! So as I assume that most of the people don’t want to be annoying, it’s not a bad idea to be honest with yourself and have the courage to search our own conscience. Why not use kitesurfing as a factor for personal development in social matters?

Not all types of characters are as uncomplicated as our dog is … (c) Helmut Fuchs/kitejoy

However, wether you’ll find yourself in one of the situations as perpetrator or victim – I hope you can take away something from this and the following articles, even if it’s just a laugh. Anyhow the best option is to be above the things and don’t let yourself be influenced by others, but that’s not so easy for every character.

Ok, so now let’s get down to business and start with Vol. 1 of the series . In the following you’ll find one of the most annyoing habits – from kitesurfers for kitesurfers.

Annoying kitesurf characters Vol. 1


Do you know these people who always have a problem, no matter how good the kite day was? Wether it’s the wind … their trick attemps that don’t work … their kite or board or any other part of equipment that is the wrong one for those conditions … or any health issue … it’s always something. It’s obvious: All the others have it better and easier than this poor person that has to suffer all the time! On most kitespots you’ll find at least one killjoy.

Don’t get me wrong: Of course we all have our bad days and naturally it helps to talk about your problems with others. That’s pretty normal. But let’s break it down: It’s about kitesurfing – not about life and death, and luckily that’s what most of us are aware of! When I talk about killjoys I don’t mean moaning on a normal level.  I’m talking about people who have a special talent for being ALWAYS like that and they are experts in spoiling the fun of others too. (Usually not only in matters of kitesurfing.) Killjoys that kill your kitejoy!

Stay calm and relax … that’s probably the best strategy if you feel stressed by someone else’s behaviour. (c) Helmut Fuchs/kitejoy

It’s totally natural that people want to help this person then and try to give good advice. Unfortunately that makes it even worse … cause then it goes on and on, they never stop finding an argument against, no matter what you tell them (cause of course they know it better than you!). Often they ask thousands of people for advice (cause they crave for attention and love it to be in the limelight).

But then the vicious circle starts: One tries to give a useful hint e e. g. for a certain trick, such a person will not be thankful at all – instead it will explain that the problem with the trick is in no way his fault, it’s for sure his kite … or the wind … or the others, or whatever. Very frustrating if you just want to help but it’s completely pointless!

The most annyoing thing is that those people don’t even notice that they burden others with their moaning – but they do, and how! I know a lot of people, including me, who don’t have a protecting shield for such negative vibes and feel bad after being in contact with killjoys. I sometimes ask myself if they feel better when finally the mood of the others is on the bottom too? And when their problems are the problems of everyone around?

Discussing, discussing … sometimes it’s pointless. (c) Helmut Fuchs/kitejoy

How to help yourself if you have to deal with a incorrigible killjoy?

  • Ommmmmm … take a deep breathe, walk away without giving any good advice. Imagine building a protective shield around you so that no negative vibes can get through.
  • Or, if you are already catched in the dangerous jaws of a killjoy, you can also give him the approval that he’s really pitiful in his situation. Maybe this gives him something to think about?
  • Anyway, if it’s a close friend, it might be the best and fairest way to talk about your impression. If he’s a person that is willing to critically reflect his own behaviour, this can change everything.
  • And, in any case: Always try to surround yourself with people who spread positive vibes and give you energy! (Not only a good advice for your kite life … .)
Nothing is better than a peaceful kiteday without any irritating situations … 😉 (c) Kitejoy

Do you also have experiences with killjoys? Feel free to tell me in the comments or to write me an e-mail:

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