No wind activities: 10 things to do

We all know these days. Imagine you’re on a kite trip, hoping that you can rock everyday on the water … but then the bad forecast becomes reality. A day (or even more) without wind! For a lot of kiters, especially those who don’t have the possibility to spend heaps of time on the water, this means a small disaster and might end up in a bad mood – which of course is understandable for all kiteaddicts. Wether you want to hear it or not: It’s time for no wind activities.


If you are on a spot when there’s a lot of places around to visit or other sports activities that you can do (and like to do), then you might have no problem to get some action on a no-wind-day. But let’s assume you are at a place where kitesurfing is the main activity – and no other attractions around. Or you are not at all interested in sightseeing, cultural stuff, any other sports or reading a book. Then of course it’s very easy to get bored.
But there are a lot of useful things to do on these quiet days (beneath doing absolutely nothing, which sometimes is also a nice possibility to spend time)!


Ok, but let’s use the time when the wind takes a break. The best opportunity to do all the things you can’t when it’s blowing!
These tips for no wind activities may be nothing super special – but as we all know it’s human not to get ideas into your brain when you need them, it can be helpful as a little no-wind-guide.

Let’s start with the equipment –  the fun part comes later on:



  • Check your safety systems

    If you not the kind of kitesurfer which is checking the safety regularly or even before every session (which a lot of us don’t do … including me) then use the time on a windless day to get it done! We all know that safety goes first, but concerning regular checkups it’s usual to get lazy. Use the time also to toroughly rinse the safety system with fresh water, especially when you kite on a spot with sand and saltwater.


  • Check your line lengths

    How often do you proof the line of your lenghts, hm? Be honest! So if you have already checked your quick release and leash, go on with the lines. It happens that back- or frontlines get stretched in a different way (e. g. if you do your kiteloops mainly in one direction) and finally they are not the same length anymore – which of course affects the performance of your kite and makes it less stable in the air.

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