Confession of a kite addict

Hi, my name is Anja and I’m the editor of Kitejoy. Currently I am living in Austria – which is the reason that Kitejoy started in german. After a lot of inquiries for an english version I decided to make one. As I am not a native speaker I hope that my english is good enough to write understandable articles (I am doing my best, I promise!).autorenbild kitejoy
So this is an online magazine/a blog for all passionate kiters, but also for those who are thinking about trying it or are not sure yet if they should or not (of course you should!). Here I want to share my very own experiences with you, tell funny (and sometimes not so funny) stories about kitesurfing and, if possible, give you hints and advice.

Don’t get me wrong: I am far away from being a pro. So if you want me to tell you how a triple-airpass works – well, I can’t. But I can tell you about my kite career from my first metres on the water, the fears and doubts that came up by time, typical situations on kite beaches and -stations. I can tell you about my kite addiction, which meanwhile became chronical and incurable. And how massive kitesurfing turned my whole life upside down.


Beforehand: As I am a woman I experienced a lot of female-specific situations which have to do with kitesurfing. But anyhow this is not a website only for kitegirls. There will be articles only for kitechicks, but I don’t want to tie myself down on this. So the main content is not gender-specific!

Let me tell you a little bit more about me: I am working as an author and freelance journalist in Styria, which is in the south of Austria. Unfortunately I could’t manage it yet to live by the sea – but me and my husband (and our dog) are planning to moving seaside someday. Currently we can spend a lot of time of the year traveling around and visit kitespots all over the world. Despite I am working very hard on getting more and more a digital nomad to be able to do my work from anywhere.

Beneath writing I own a small label named Haubinger Custom Made (I am producing beanies and special neoprene-lined surfbeanies and I love to create stuff out of old disused kites).


And here a little overview to my kite career:

  • start: June 2011
  • first jump: July 2011
  • VDWS-Kite-Instructor-training: September 2012
  • very proud winner of the “fly-for-your-roast-pork”-contest: October 2015
  • Teamrider for Surfshop Upsidedown/Brand Ambassador for Cabrinha since: September 2016
  • Ambassador for Vivida Lifestyle since: November 2011
  • current favourite kite: Cabrinha FX 2017 10 qm
  • boards: Cabrinha ACE 133/XO 133
  • favourite spots:
    Podersdorf am See (AUT), Kremasti/Rhodes (GR), Grado Pineta (IT), El Gouna (EG), Watamu/Kenya

If you wanna know more about me – just ask 😉


Online magazine for kiteaddicts